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10-15-2009, 10:04 PM
Joe T Choker
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Originally Posted by predfan24 View Post
I hate to say this because I'm usuaully the one trying to talk sense into the overreactors, but if something doesn't change this team will be a bottom 5 team EASILY. Just thinking about all our are games so far.

Game 1 at Dallas- Outplayed, lucky to get to OT.

Game 2 with Avs- It was a pretty even game. We still had to come back within the last 10 minutes. Decent win. I wasn't overly impressed though.

Game 3 with Buffalo- Obviously Rinne stops us from getting blown out.

Game 4 with EDM- Nothing needs to be said about this one

Game 5 at Dallas- ditto.

Tonight- Looked like we were playing to not get embarrased rather than win. Once again I wasn't impressed tonight at all. We played better in our zone and the only really stupid gaff was by Klein. However our offensive pressure is laughable. I disagree with Crispy about all of our scoring chances. SO what? Good teams miss scoring chances every game and still win. We have no finishers to convert our limited chances.

So not one game have I been impressed by our team. We are lucky we aren't 1-5 or 0-6. Once again I'm usually not that doom and gloom guy and I will gladly eat my words. I just don't see it happening.
Trotz with a major gaffe when he didn't call timeout before the Hawks 3rd goal, when he had a chance to ... Klein & Hamhuis were gassed according to Callahan & Daunic

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