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10-16-2009, 01:01 AM
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this is sadly a double post but i coulndt restrain myself:

Originally Posted by John Tavares View Post
Hypothetical situation to keep the Big 3 and the core.
Close but not quite in my opinion:
Assuming the cap stays the same:

-Deal Huet(5,625) /waive him whatever, just get him out from cap
-Sign/trade Goalie (Niittymäki, ffs, sign Niittymäki) for ~1.5 mil p/y

= ~4,925 cap space

-Trade/waive Sopel(2,250) and Bring Up Lalonde/Hendry/other prospect(0,850).

= ~6,325 cap space

-Trade Andrew Ladd (1.650/ X? x meaning we dont know what he would sign) and bring up Beach/Aliu/Skille (0,850, they maybe might get bonuses what would add more but i doubt it) etc someone of those guys.

= ~7,125 cap space

-Madden is out of picture next year, we will not sign him again, thats why we signed him 1 year contract in the first place, if we could have afforded Madden for more years, we would have done it.

= ~9,875 cap space

sign Kane(3,725) and Toews(2,800) to similiar front loaded multi year contracts for 5.5 mil cap hit.

= ~5,400 cap space

- Sign Keith(1,475) to multiyear 5 mil per year contract.

= ~1,875 cap space.

- Sign Hjalmarsson(0,650) for ~1,5 mil.

= 1,025 Cap space. (wich is more than we have now).

for example:

Sharp - Toews - Hossa
Bufyglien - Bolland - Kane
Versteeg - Fraser - Kopecky
Eager - Beach - Burish

Seabrook - Keith
Hjalmarsson - Campbell
Barker - Lalonde

Niitymäki (or mr X)

That would be the way to go if we want to keep all the young guns playing for us (except Ladd, we need to make room to our LW anyway next year with Beach coming up).

Now, that doesnt mean we do it that way, i will assume there will be one major trade coming next summer, where we trade 1 player for cap (Versteeg, Buff, Campbell, Huet), thats just becouse bowman is gonna get ****loads of offers from other teams.
We might even sign Madden for one more year.

Its just that our cap situation aint that bad what people think it is, we have options to go many ways.

Warning: All the math in this post is made as quickly as possible without thinking really so there might be mistakes as i cant be arsed to double check.
Also all are estimates, as we know Cap in NHL aint that easy to count as many believe it is, its a mathematical mess.

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