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10-16-2009, 04:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
I actually played D for about 5 years. Played wing/center the other 10 along with a bit of D now and then.

But thanks for proving your ignorance again. It's fun to watch you do that.

And Redden's been good to very good to even great at times ever since Torts took over last year. It's just so sad that some people on here can't admit that or even realize that. Just so sad. Most posters here can give the guy credit since he's been one of our best players this year so far and was one of the best under Torts last year for the most part.

You and Sting must have both lost your girlfriends to him or something. No other reason for the mindless bashing (and it is mindless, let me assure you).

Does Kings Bay senior roller hockey league count? OK, if not, I'll take your word for it.

Anyway, Redden doesnt hit, doesnt score, doesnt run a PP, is dreadfully slow and the brilliant first pass you all said we should expect after July 1, 2008 usually ends up on another guy's stick.

But no, you're right. He's been "great".

It's funny, the other day Sam and Joe were on their knees talking about Redden and how he's changed...right after they said that..BOOM Redden throws a blind pass up the middle that the Kings intercepted and lead to a scoring chance.

I know you're on this mission to validate the signing (you have been since day 1) and I give you credit for trying. Nevertheless, the guy was brought in here for a specific reason, and as mentioned above, he hasnt done anything to warrant being a No. 1. He's been usurped by Girardi and Staal at even strength pressure sits and on the PK, and DZ and Gilroy on the PP. Obviously if he is on the ice less in offensive situations, he's less prone to make the mistakes he was beheaded fro last season. That in itself is an indictment of his ability, let alone his salary and his so-called experience as the senior guy on the blueline

It is impossible for Redden to be as bad as he was last season (I hope), so obviously when he accomplishes extraordinary things like, I don't know, NOT turn the puck over, in typical Ranger fan fashion, it gets totally blown out of proportion, the the point where somebody created a "wade Redden appreciation thread" after a game or two.

Very, very sad.

But he obviously means a lot to you so I promise of wont make fun of or criticize Wade Bourque, I mean Redden.

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