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10-16-2009, 08:51 PM
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I spray my gear with anti-microbial Febreze after every game, then let it air dry. Once a season I wash my shins, elbows and shoulder pads. My pants really don't get smelly so I don't have to wash them that often but I will (I have a high effiencency washer with no tumbler in the middle so my stuff doesn't get beat up). My gloves will eventually reach a point where they stink no matter how well I take care of them and they usually have a hole in the palm of my top hand. So gloves I will just go buy new ones, not only is it a equipment replacement but it is also a sanitary hazard. Running around with dirty, smelly equipment may be the cheap way to go, it may have character-but it also may have staph which I choose not to have. The stuff stinks for a reason-it's loaded with bacteria. I see guys playing with brown jerseys that used to be white and I just say to myself-C'mon man. And I also don't like sitting next to stinky guy on the bench either. Wash and take care of your gear or replace it!

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