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You´re by far the youngest player in the U-18 Extraliga.
"There´s an another 95 born player, Paulovič in Topolčany!"

You´ve just returned from an U-15 game, in which you have defeated Banská Bystrica 8:4, where you guys scored 7 goals, the same amount that BB had let in in all their othe rgames in the season. In Dubnica, 30 minutes was enough for you to score the same amount.
"The U-18 league is on break, so we went to help the guys in the U-15 league. There also are very good players there and I´m always glad to return there. It´s easier to play in a lower category, but there also are players here, who are already playing U-18 style game."

What´s the difference between U-15 and U-18 hockey? You ve been avergaing a point per game so far.
"In the U-18 Extraleague there is, of course faster and more physical hockey played, so it´s harder for me to break through now in the U-18 league than it was last season."

When did you start playing hockey?

"When I was three years old. My dad worked at the stadium, he had been playing hockey for long years, so he didn´t hesitate with the decision to take me on the ice for too long. It´s also thanks to him that I´m where I am now."

You were coached by more coaches.
"I was coached by Otto Bača, Vladimír Havlíček, Miroslav Nemeček and now in the U-18 category by Róbert Kaláber."

It sure is hard to say which of the coaches do you remember as a coach with a capital C.

"Well, definitely Miroslav Nemeček and now Róbert Kaláber."

Can you remember your first hockey match?
"Well, I don´t think so. Wait, I´m gonna ask my dad! (And dad did remember. It was when Patrik was 5 years old in a two years older category!)

Were you a natural scorer from the start?
"I must have had at leats some talent, I was scoring from the start."

Last season, you were national champions in the U-15 category. It seems that you were lucky to meet a good birth year or two.
"Definitely, there is more very good players here and we were doing good together. More of us have been playing in an upper category, we met again in the U-15 finals and so we and our coaches were rewarded for common hard work."

You crtainly have a lot of prizes from tournaments at home. Which´s the most important for you?
"It´s tough to say, I have to think about it, I was happy about every one at the point I´ve gotten it alike. Besides, prizes are given out to individuals for goasl and assists. An indvidual however isn´t important, one person can´t manage anything alone, even if they´re the best. The important thing is that my whole team does good, thanks to me as well."

You have a few interesting foreign names on your roster as well.
"Yes, we have skilfull boys from Croatia here. Mislav Rosandič was the first to come here, he liked it in a preparation camp here and he brought others here, this year even his brother!"

Have you tried any other jersey than the Dubnica one, some national team jersey?

"Not yet, I´ve only played in the regional selects teams. My age category doesn´t have a national tea, yet. I´ll have a chance to break through to the youngets one this year."

A 13-year old in an U-18 league is a rarity. It´s not just a differenc ein age in 5 years, but in many cases also in a few tens of kilograms or centimeters, if we don´t think about the difference in playing experience. What about your parameters.
"I´ve got them quite good for my age. 174 cm and 70 kg. It would be real tough in the U-18 league otherwise."

How do you cope with the games physically.

"I think that quite good. Coah Kaláber as prepared real hard summer conditioning for us, so I´ve got something to base on."

"What´s your relationship towards the summer training, that many players hate?"

Not everybody likes it, that´s clear. Hard summer training hurts a lot, but if it is hard, then it´s 100% advisable and it just doesn t work without it."

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