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11-28-2004, 11:13 PM
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Wow. Cool that there are so many goalies out there. Here's the rundown on my stuff.

Mask-Badger Elite w/cateye cage

C/A- All I know for sure is that it's really old. I think it's a CSS. But I've done a lot of modifications to it. I've added shoulder flaps and a throat collar. It was also set up for a right handed goalie. So being left handed, I moved the forearm pad to the left arm.

Blocker- ITech X Factor 4.8

Catcher- Vaughn Legacy T2000. I paid $75 for it new. It has some fugly coloring to it; (White with gold and navy trim). A couple of years ago I added a skate lace pocket to it.

Pants- Victoriaville

Pads- Heaton Helite III. I've also modded these to no end. Since I got them I've added knee lifts, thighboards, outer calf protection and a second boot strap.

Skates- Bauer Reactor 1000. These I won on ebay last season for $100. Great skates for the money.

Stick- Bauer Supreme 7000 Cujo pattern. My backup is a Sher Wood 9950 Thibault pattern. They are both foam injected, and I find them to be more durable than wood sticks. But I think my next stick is going to be a Sher Wood Vokoun pattern. That one just feels really good to me.

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