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10-17-2009, 12:40 PM
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We have pickup games often and there is a mix of very talented, medium talented and the extremely untalented where they are just learning to skate.

Everybody is friends though, you know like a good player brings a cousin who can't skate or whatever. We just have fun with it like sometimes letting them think they are getting away with something by giving them a tug on the elbow while they are skating their butt off and really not going anywhere. let them have a shot on goal once in while etc.

It is hard sometimes when "lesser" players are playing but one has to remind themselves that there always will be a better player than yourself at some point even if you are really good.

The other comment in here about friends passing to only their friends ... well we do not invite those people back no matter how much skill they have. there is no need for it honestly. One .... hockey is a passing team game and not an individual sport and two ... well it pisses people off and just should not be done for the same reason one would not fart in a restaurant while eating.

Poor etiquette.

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