Thread: Proposal: Young D-man for a veteran.
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10-17-2009, 04:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Wolfy View Post

How many D do you need?

Tollefsen, who is a NHL veteran, has only played 12 minutes in two games. But the main reason for that is the knee surgery, it requires a careful approach, and this was part of the plan when Homer signed him. He'll play more and more later and move into 6th when he's 100%.

Syvret is doing just fine for a rookie.

These two will rotate depending on the opponent, as mentioned several times. It looks like they will be paired up for the next couple of games when Parent is out, but that worked well during preseason.

Forget it.
While I don't support the move suggested by the OP, the Flyers definitely have a problem if Parent is out for more than the 10 days initially reported.

Tollefsen is a borderline 6th defensemen. Syvret's hardly a rookie; this is his 4th season getting time in NHL games. Those two should be fighting or the 6th spot. They shouldn't be paired together for any long stretch of time, else Pronger and Timonen will be seeing 30+ minute games and that will kill the Flyers in the long run.

However close you are to OKT shouldn't cloud the fact that there won't be many games where he is relied on to play more than 10 minutes.

With Parent out and Coburn playing with the confidence of a 3rd string quarterback, the 'solid Flyers defense core' everyone was so happy about looks mediocre at best.

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