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Originally Posted by Chrisd View Post
im sorry but this team is just bad at drafting offense...

you take pouliot...who put up pedestrian numbers for junior hockey, and always had work ethic questions, instead of a kopitar as well as a few other MUCH better options that went from 5-15 that year.

sheppard over a guy like Frolik and others that ended up much better...

Gillies who is still grinding and looks to be a career 4th liner or 3rd line mucker and you trade up for him, involving a 2nd rounder lol....what the hell. You could of had Cherepanov. Sure we know how he turned out, but you can't prediect death....he was an offensive force.

Then you take Cuma who looks to be a stay at home D man, no offense whatsoever...

then Leddy over Schroeder who is gonna be pure offense.

You can draft good offense without having top 3 picks, but we seem incapable of doing that, so im hoping by having a top 3 pick we will have one of these guys fall in our laps and even we can't screw it up.

Then again knowing the wild, we will have a Hall or Seguin in our laps and take a D man, even though our last 2 first rounders have been D man, and we have NO talented young forwards in our system.

It's the wild way!

And you're also forgetting that the Scouts have be realigned as well to find better assets out there. Not to mention, when DR wasn't trading away the 1st round pick, he was going for someone that had good numbers in minor league play or whatever JL was requesting they needed. Not to mention most of those drafts when Benny and others were taken, were not as strong as others. Remember when Koivu and Burns were drafted, those were deeper drafts. Since then, if you weren't in the lottery you basically were gambling.

You are right though, Leddy over Schroeder wasn't exactly something I was expecting. However, none of our dmen on the Wild outside of Burns and Schultz are really being overly considered to be on the team for a long time. We need to build up defense as well as offense. Part of doing that with Richards new system is to get offensive defensemen as well. From what I've heard, Leddy is that person. Guess it was also determined by Fletcher we were going to sign Koivu to play with his baby brother and that would of filled the 4 Centermen lines right there no questions asked. Not signing him put a kink in the mess because the lines had to be juggled. That may have possible reasons as to why Fletcher and Richards passed on signing another one.

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