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09-20-2003, 11:39 AM
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Originally Posted by GuyF
Have to disagree on some of what you said. Legg had a strong Day 1 and an OK Day 4. He was invisible on Days 2 and 3. He had an slightly better than average UofA game in my opinion. I thought he might make it into one preseason game but, I'm not shocked that he was cut in the first round.

And Pouliot has gotten better every day. The UofA game was pretty bland for him and he actually didn't see much ice time in the Calgary game on Thursday.

I DO agree with you about Rocky and Henley though, I wouldn't expect either to be around much longer (although Rocky might stick for another week or so because of his experience).
From what I have been hearing a strong day 1 and ok Day 4 are much more than can be said about some of the other players still around. Legg was easily the best player at the Bears/Rookies game especially in the third. The Only Bright Spot!! Not saying he should make the team because that is ridiculous just felt his play although lackluster day 2 & 3 still warranted an exhibition game. Not ripping Pouliot either but from what I have seen he is ordinary at best compared to other players (obviously youth and experience factor here).

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