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11-29-2004, 11:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Son of Steinbrenner
wouldn't the 20 owners just try to get bettmen fired rather than have all there dirty laundry heard in court?
To be honest, I don't really know how such a scenario would play out. Here's the scenario as I see it. Bettman cancels this season. He only needs 8 votes to do so, so this is pretty much a forgone conclusion and has been for months. However, if the majority of the owners are ok with it, nothing happens. If they are not, then it's iether choice A: fire Bettman or choice B: Take it to court. Seems to me that the issue would lie in the fact that it is the owners who choose to give him the power to cancel the season with as little as 8 votes. The other side of the coin is wether he has been representing those 8 owners or the majority.
It's next year where the issues begin. It just seems to me that Bettman's entire stance is predicated on 3 things:
1. By canceling this upcoming season, he will call an impasse. That is the only way that he can get his $31m hardcap. Bettman must have convinced the owners that his call of an impasse will not be barred in any way by the government.
2. He must have promised the owners that by canceling the season, that the NHLPA will break.
3. He must have convinced the owners that fans will return in short-order. He does not forsee a scenario where the fans are fed up enough to say, "Eff the owners......Eff the players....Eff Bettman....and Eff the entire NHL"

Bettman's problem is that things are not necessarily going to go according to his vision. By taking such a hard stance, he has painted himself into a corner. Anything but his $31m hard cap will be seen as a failure. Even a $40m hard cap is worlds away from $31m. His problems begin if things do not go according to his tunnel vision plan. His impasse MAY or MAY NOT be allowed to pass. If not, then he really has issues. The NHLPA may or may not be broken. They may decide that they will wait for the owners to blink first. After all, Bettman promised them a new league at the expense of a season. But what if there is no impasse, and the players DO NOT break? Would the owners be willing to cancel a 2nd season? I do not think that Bettman would be able to sell them on that. And off course, lastly is Bettman's igotistical theory that the fans will come back no matter what. I am willing to say that due to the lack of popularity, some WILL come back, but the ones that won't will be noticed and felt financially.
At that point, if Bettman is still in charge, this thing goes to court. By the players or by the owners. If 8 are willing to end the NHL as an organization becuase they are never going to make a red cent, that does not mean that the rest feel the same way.

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