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09-20-2003, 10:53 AM
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Originally Posted by raketheleaves
When was Turgeon great? Every team he's ever been on has eventually had to try and unload him and were glad to be done with him. What yo usaid about stats, you can't compare. He's a gutless wonder, just like our pal Breezy.
Oh common, to mention that Turgeon was never great is a gross understatement. Turgeon had a good/great career. The guy is closing in on 500 Goals and 1300 points which is pretty damn good, even if he played in the early 90's "offensive" era of the game. He might have been soft all of his career, which frankly has hurt his reputation but he still had a damn good career.

All I was pointing out with stats to Strummerman is that he should not be taking stats of the past to evaluate a player's future like he has done with Turgeon or to compare them out of context and compare them to current stats.

He's still got some mileage in the tank, but as I mentionned, at this state of his career he would not be a good addition to the Habs' line-up.

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