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10-18-2009, 02:17 AM
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The team

You know I contemplated wearing my Blackhawks jersey and was even humming that Chelsea Dagger tune all that day but the more I thought about it the more I realized what exactly their motto ALL IN meant. I can't sit on the fence and like them one minute and hate them the next. What kind of fan is that anyway? I agree we should still go to the games for support. And while it is funny to hear roaring chants of "Lets go Titans" at the Sommet....I think the fans are getting the point across. At least there are 70 some games left to turn the score card around.

I think that we have been relying way too much on certain lines to do all the work and with this year having a team consist mainly of Predator kittens and some sophomores--there's a lot to be done and learned...not to mention some of the vets(*cough* Erat*cough* Leggy *cough*) who have failed to do anything productive...yeah Erat scored a goal...big deal..the only thing he can do at this point is sell T-shirts.... I think that this year is just a product of what we have been doing for far too long. Not using all the players to their potential so now they are like a rat in a maze trying to get their feet up underneath them.

There is also a severe lack of communication on the's too quiet. Nobody has Rinne or Ellis's back in the net...they are all at the puck instead of thinking outside the box a bit....playing ring around the rosey doesn't work in any sport.

I think Santorelli was sent back to the farm prematurely. Granted he didn't produce any real numbers but at least he was taking shots. Hey he did win it for us in game 1 and yet some of these vets have yet to produce anything.....

I don't think we need to lose faith in them yet. Historically this town has had either a great football or great hockey team...never both at once and seeing how the Titans are pretty much out of any running for anything this year, let's have some faith.

Give the players some faith....and remind them that they need to play with heart instead of just going through the motions...We all have said our I don't think any more booing of the goal tenders, cheering for the titans or making harsh remarks about putting in a not so hot QB in goal, is required...The team knows the fans are it's time to lift them up....let them know we still believe....after all it does stay with you right?

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