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Originally Posted by Franz
Okay, some more to discuss.

1. Fedor Tyutin, D
High: Mattias Íhlund
Low: Greg DeVries

2. Alvaro Montoya, G
High: Mixture of Mike Richter and Marty Turco
Low: ?

3. Jozef Balej, RW
High: Pavel Bure
Low: Valeri Bure (seriously: Hlavac maybe a better comparison and Pavel maybe too high...)

4. Hugh Jessiman, RW
High: Tkachuk-type
Low: Not anywhere near the NHL

5. Henrik Lundqvist, G
High: Tomas Vokoun
Low: Tommy Salo (ok, anywhere in Europe)

6. Lauri Korpikoski, LW
High: Brian Rolston
Low: 4th liner-

7. Thomas P÷ck, D
High: Tom Poti
Low: Andy Delmore

8. Garth Murray, C
High: No idea actually. Some sort of 3rd liner, so choose one
Low: Career-AHL player

9. Jarko Immonen, C
High: I'll stick with Padawan's young Yzerman (and hope for it)
Low: Europe

10. Bruce Graham, C
High: From what I've heard, Eric DazÚ
Low: Not anywhere near the NHL

11. Jed Ortmeyer, W
I like him very much, but I don't think he can improve that much. He has a great work ethic though, maybe that can cary him somewhere.
1-Alright I used Ohlund as a Tyutin high so did you i guess we agree, and devries is very underarted but I dont see Tyutin as anything like Devries at all.

2-My comparison to Turco I see you agree , but I dont think I would put him anywhere near Richter just yet.Richter is a true athlete and was the best athletic goalie in the NHL when he was playing, thats a fact.

3- Pavel is way to high, this kid shows no P.Bure comparison at all. Valeri Bure is a pretty good comparison.

4-Jessiman im not to sure about I mean I dont really know his game and if he will be as dominating as Tkachuk can be , on him I will have to wait and see.I like my daze comparison.ButI dont think that he will be as dominating a player and put up #'s like tkachuk.Think that comparison is a bit overrated mtyself. But then agin im not high on Jessiman to begin with.

5-Lundqvist comparison went with me on Vokun and the salo one is not bad at all.Good comparison.

6-Im sticking with my Sundstrom choice.I dont think this kid has the sppeed or shot Rolston has.Maybe as good defensively.I see Korp as being a second liner/3rd.Basically moving back and forth.

7- Andy Delmore great comparison, but puts up similar #'s to Boyle, not that big a difference.

8-Matt Cooke [vancouver] or Darren McCarty [redwings]

9-Young Yzerman, I really dont think so.I would say you are overrating him like Balej.

10-I will stick with my Keith Primeau comparison.

11-Ortmeyer I'll stick with who I said.

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