Thread: Recalled/Assigned: Bye Belle, welcome Bergy!
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10-18-2009, 10:37 PM
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it's a strange predicament because
- Belle is actually pretty good
- MAB sounds like the next Breezer circa late 90's
- As much as he has glaring faults, we do need Gill. He's not as bad as everyone thinks. He's not great, but he does bring the size and reach we need in certain situation. Paired with Josh, they actually make a decent unit. So far he hasn't been as much of a pylon as Souray used to be (and I know he hasn't been an offensive player either). In the last game the puck bobbled and he blocked the guy. Boderline interference but they called it (I think it was tripping). I remember a similar goal and it might even have been Souray against Tampa in the playoffs when Vinny was the benefactor, got the puck and had a breakaway on Theo (and obviously scored). Point being, sometimes, you just have to make that play.

That's why people don't appreciate the importance of puck control which is very good in people like Pleky, the big small 3, Spacek, Markov obviously and AK (although sometimes he coughs it up). Even Gorges has been very good at that.

I really have no reference for MAB, but I really don't think we are in trouble offensively, we just keep getting snakebitten. It's a bad analysis of what's wrong just because we haven't scored. Overall, we've been better defensively, but the other teams seem to get a few chances a bury them. The balance will shift soon.

As for MAB being a PP specialist, that's not what's wrong with our PP. Spacek and Mara and whoever have been bombing from the point, but it never gets to the net due to deflections or good blocking. It's not like we don't have that play in our arsenal. We seem to try the shot-pass across the slot that the pinching D NEVER taps in (facepalm). Of course Lats is there to take care of occupying space and doing nothing but selfishly taking the worlds WORST shots from horrible angles. Somethings never change, but I guess he'll get 16 lucky ones again. Anyway, best of luck to Marc-Andre, I just hope it's the difference maker (Hammer's ice time is going to have to increase another 5-6 minutes)

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