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Originally Posted by yakko View Post
The bay area is actually pretty bad too. The trains don't run very late, even on weekends, so if you close a bar you had better be able to afford a cab. The other insanity is that the bay area has four different train systems that do not work very well together. Up until recently, you couldn't transfer from one to the other at all. Phoenix may be worse than the bay area, but at least Phoenix didn't spend nearly as much money for something that isn't very good.

BART isn't a monorail.
Stand corrected! Bay Area Rapid Transit is a train and according to Wikipedia its a heavy rail.

I should have known better on that since I used to ride on BART 12 years ago.

I used to pick up a bus on AC transit in Fremont either off of Mowry Ave or Stevenson Blvd by I-880 to take to the Fremont BART station.
I frequent the Oakland Coliseum and the Embarcadero stops.
It was 4 bucks each way to get from Fremont to the 1st 4 stops in SF after going through the transbay tube that started after the West Oakland stop.

I would think its gone up since then especially now that BART goes to SFO.

Ill take your word with what you said since you do live there.
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