Thread: Rumor: Barker to Montreal?
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10-19-2009, 12:39 AM
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The way things are shaping up in Chicago, it seems to make perfect sense that they would trade Barker this year, in order to afford all the RFA's they have next year, which include Toews, kane and ladd -- three big pieces up front -- and Keith and Hjarmalsson -- two guys getting WAY more minutes than Barker. Basically, besides the PP, Quenneville doesn't much trust Barker, or at least not nearly as much as the top 4. So Barker is expendable, seeing as though Seabrook, keith and Campbell can easily take on the bulk of the PP duties if necessary. The problem for the Habs in all this is that if they want Barker NOW, they have to give the moon, because Chicago can wait till the deadline to move Barker -- it isn't like they are losing and desperate like us. The sad thing is that Barker is not bad on defense (from the couple games i've seen this year). It's just the other guys are better. From what i can tell, he'd be a 1 or 2 in our lineup on tuesday... Just goes to show how good the blackhawks are. What a sick team! If a trade did happen NOW, though, this is what i envision going down:

Cam Barker
Corey Crawford

Jaro Halak
Yannick Weber
1st round pick 2010
2nd round pick 2011

I know I know, where's S. Kost? Guess what, Chicago does not want him. He's the complete opposite of what they like or need. A team desperate for a jolt somewhere in the season will trade for him. Not Chicago. No, Chicago wants an instant improvement on goaltending, top picks, someone who can replace Barker, and very little salary. Barker is basically a bottom pairing d-man right now when he's not on the PP. Who better to replace him with a similar guy but for a fraction of the cost? And remember, this trade would look a lot different in March, when Chicago would be more desperate to move Barker.

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