Thread: Proposal: Young D-man for a veteran.
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10-19-2009, 05:12 AM
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if theres a good side to the scheduling its that there will be fewer games missed early in the year due to injury. parent could only wind up missing 3 or 4 games.

the difficulty is that with parent injured the insurance on coburn is lapsed. we knew we could plug bernie in there not so much with okt. give them some games to figure things out. unless this becomes a recurring thing (and groins do) we dont have anything to worry about yet. the plan was to rotate and well rotate.

but if tolly can go in and play and bang bodies he could well find himself next to timo later on. coburn is by far the more talented player but if he isnt bringing all those tools to the table id rather just have okt bring the nasty and have kimo cover for the rest. this is an opportunity for okt to show he can play effective minutes for us and to show how a strong physical presence can win games. how he plays this early in the season will give the guys confidence in him later on in the season if coburn continues to backslide

i wouldnt make any moves yet for now lets just wait and see. i wanna see how all the peices fit before i go thinking about what and whether we need to add.

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