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10-19-2009, 09:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Pierre Jr View Post
Chicago's team is becoming like Detroit, in the sense that they can flat out win games with practically anyone in nets. Yeah, of course they want to get better in nets, but guess what, as much as halak is an improvement on all those guys, he's also never played a full season, or proven that he can be the go-to guy for an ENTIRE season. If you were in their shoes, would you give away a guy in Barker, who's an effing jackpot for any team, a top 3 pick with oodles of potential, for Halak, a 7th rounder who's played some great games, sure, but is by no means a blue chipper? I mean let's face it, Barker's the big piece here, and Chicago going to look for the best deal possible before moving him. And again, Kostitsyn is so not helpful to chicago right now it isn't even funny. They probably have, top to bottom, one of the top 5 most balanced lines in the league... and thats without Hossa! And that's before i launch into the chemistry issue! I mean let's get real here. GM's don't just take players because that's who the other team wants to give you. It doesn't work like that, unless you have no choice in the matter. And like i said, Chicago's got plenty of choices right now.
i think it's a little premature to compare your team to detroit get back to me in about 20 years. and winning any which way, works maybe against calgary and a sucky luongo but it didn't work vs detroit. i can't imagine the 'hawks will risk going into the second half of the season and playoffs with a shaky huet, no matter how many goals chicago can score. Sound defensive play and a goalie that can cover up mistakes wins championships...i will maintain as long as huet continues to suck Chicago will have to make a deal and it won't necessarily be from a position of strength and relaxation

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