Thread: Rumor: Barker to Montreal?
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10-19-2009, 11:22 AM
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the reality is that not a single one of you making trade proposals have any idea as to what a player's value is.

take for example the Gomez trade. if that had been put forward, every single one of you would of said: "well he makes a bajillion dollars a year, doesnt score more than 60 points" bla bla bla followed by "he has negative value". And then you get proven wrong by seeing Gomez being traded for Higgins/McDonaugh and a 2nd (or 3rd, dont quite remember). And you also find out that several teams were interested in obtaining his services. Maybe we over paid, but the bottom line is that you guys dont know how to value players.

And lets face it, how SHOULD we know? We may have a perceived value of certain players, but our perception is rarely identical to someone else's. Plus none of us are privy to the conversations between GMs.

Maybe getting Barket will cost nothing more than a prospect like Fischer and a 3rd round pick. Or not.

Its fun to speculate about what it would take, but none of us know any of substance.

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