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10-19-2009, 12:07 PM
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not sure this isthe right thread, but with mentions of coaching im going with it. remember when they hired mo back? what was the first thing out of his mouth? "i trap!" with a chuckle and a grin as if the thought was ludicrous. then he adds a "defensive scheme" to shore things up last season. our off season moves then are to add kotso, yelle, ward and alberts while losing eaves, seids, and babs. last game i couldnt help but notice we trapped at least half the game.


not enjoying watching canes hockey this year, even when we win. we are a boring defensive trapping team just like the first time with mo. i said this when they fired lavi....i would rather lose playiung lavi's style then be middling and squeeking occasionally into the playoffs every year while trapping. making playoff runs means nothing to me, to be honest. i hate defensive boring trap hockey. i get you have to do it in the playoffs but doing it now is making me keep other games on the "back" button of the remote.

lavi's style needed more defensive shape, i know it did - but this extreme flip flopping of styles is not something i enjoy. something in the middle has to be attainable.

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