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10-19-2009, 12:30 PM
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Originally Posted by caniacho View Post
I'm not a fan of this. Give Mo time. He's not the best coach in the world but he's man who knows team. Guys like Cam, Gleason, Pitkanen, Ruutu really plays excellent since Mo joins club again.

But i agree for trade. I'm pretty sure this team will look different even we add guys like Kobasew. I mean not superstar not big point producer, just new face who wants to play. This will take effect and team will look different in nexts game. No matters who will we add.

It's early but i don't know for Corvo. I think he will ask for too much - 3,5-4,5. He don't deserves this money.

Like i said, if we are not in playoff position/ position to battle for spot, in deadline JR must trade our veterans. We can add some young player or prospect and give them chance to play 10-15 game. I'm not for picks honestly. With our history and our luck they will be waste .

Get younger, get faster, starts rebuild soon, JR. This team going nowhere with Whitney, Walker, A. Ward, Wallin... don't hate me for this, i love every of this guys, just i think for Carolina.

edit: It's time JR find new Justin Williams. I mean to make a deal who becomes a steal. Justin Williams was a tallented player but he was pratty poor in Flyers.... and he becomes real deal in our team.

no way corvo asks for 4.5. Since 2001 this team has drafted very well. especially the last 3 years, (murphy in the 6th bowman in the 3rd dalpe in second carson in the 3rd chaput in the 5th and terry in the 5th.)those are not even any first rounders. and everyone wants to find the next Jwill. And you dont start a rebuild when 3 of top 4 players are 26 and younger. If we are not in contention come january, we need to trade all our older guys with expiring deals for picks and prospects. that way we have tools to use this offseason as far as trading or just keep the picks. then they money saved by not paying the extra 2-3 salary would maybe help karmanos feel a little better about spending some money. atleast we know boychuk bowman sutter and murphy are legit prospects after they showed up big time so early in the first pro seasons(not sutters first). also peters carson rodney dodge and chaput have shown some nhl potential.

we have a chance to make the playoffs still thats for sure. lets see how much of a difference pitkanen really makes now because this offense has been horrible. also missing cole hurts badly beucase everyone gets bumped up lines. I hope we try calling up boychuk bowman chaput or dwyer to take conboys spot. if its either of the first two guys put walker on the 4th line and let them work top 9 min.

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