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10-19-2009, 02:57 PM
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Originally Posted by KingsRule View Post
I think Frolov has been great thus far, although i was stuck in a three hour line just to get out of the Edwards Airforce Base Airshow saturday that i missed the whole game. It seems to me that DL and TM are just starting drama intentionally with Frolov to give them an excuse to get rid of him. Thats Bs. **** those two *******s
He's been awful the last three games.

Anyone else find the answer Murray gave before the Colombus game regarding Frolov and his health odd. It's on Hammond's site but apparently there was "a long pause" before Murray said he was okay.

Either he is sick and can't play or he can play. There is no reason for a long pause or for Hammond to include this fact.

Either way, he is out of here.

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