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10-19-2009, 07:17 PM
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Originally Posted by IslesFanatic View Post
The Jets are a ****ing joke and are still the same old Jets. The Isles are a joke because they have no clue how to win a ****ing game. I read in one of the GDT's that the Isles were going to light up Nabby. Well, the only thing the Isles are going to light up this ****ing year is their Christmas trees. ****.

Thank God for the Yankees!
Also as a Isles/Yanks/Jets fan, I feel your pain, but not your sentiments 100%.
The Isles are still young and more importantly are only done with GAME 6 of the season! We are done with 7.3% of the season! It might not be a post season bid, but i really thought we would be better than a bottom 5-6 team. I stay with that

Sanchez and now the defense are all the Jets woes. They would have won one of the last 2 games with a few plays here and there. Sanchez just needs to stop forcing the ball and trying to make a play. He needs to take a sack or two and regain composure.

Yanks well its 4-4 top of the 8th. Up 2-0 with a team with HR a plenty and the best closer (still in the business, IMHO)
Originally Posted by Twine Seeking Missle View Post
It actually seemed IMPOSSIBLE for us to be worse than last year. If you look at things on paper... this team SHOULD be better than last year. I was actually thinking anywhere from 72-75 points this year. The only guys we lost from last year are Andy Hilbert, Macdonald and Danis. We replaced those guys with JT, Rolo and Biron. Those are astronomical improvements when you go player for player. I don't understand how we look worse. But leave it to the Isles to pull something like that off.
6 Games Twine, 6 games. Tavares is still a rookie.
Biron and Rolo, well that's another story.
good to have you back Twine

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