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11-30-2004, 12:55 AM
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Originally Posted by easton122
Ken Hitchcock is an amazing coach. He managed to get Brett Hull (not sure of the results) and Jeremy Roenick to play some defense (we've witnessed Roenick become quite a good defensive foward now). If he can get two stubborn old vets to start playing a more defensive game I honestly can't see why he couldn't coach a young kid to play defense. Also im pretty sure Mario Lemieux dominated the Q and came out average on defense. I know he's not a whiz but he's alright. The only problem with Crosby IMO is his size. Gretzky was able to overcome that im not sure if Crosby will be half of what Gretzky was but maybe. Maybe Crosby's more fit for the West im not sure I like the idea of taking a chance though.
Read what you're saying. Hitchcock took two guys whose games were based on offense and made them play defense. He stopped using their strengths to his advantage all so he could prove a point.....he could make any player play defense. Congratulations Ken. You're part of the reason why the game sucks a$$ today. Instead of implementing his blazing offense that he used in junior hockey, he decided to dumb the game down and play such strict defense that it's taken the life out of offense. Congratulations. Yep, that Kenny is one amazing coach. I really thought that when Ken came to Philadelphia, that because we had some serious talent, he would open things up. Nope, Ken continues to use the same stifling defense at the expense of offense. It's sad really. Gagne should be an 80 to 100 point winger in the league. But nope, he's got to think defense first. Imagine what Ken's gonna do to these kids when they come here. If I had a choice, I really wish Bobby would have a chat with Ken and get Ken to open up the game a bit and let our offensive players play an offensive game. And now that Recchi's gone, you can bet that Ken's reign on players in the locker room is going to come to an end. JR won't be so kind to playing that mind numbing defense anymore. You can bet that others are going to follow and Ken's gonna have a mutiny on his hands. Whereas Recchi was Ken's balance at one time, that balance is now gone. Ken's either going to have to open it up, or he's a dead man in Philly. That's as simple as gets. Once again, say what you want about Ken the coach, but truth of the matter is that man has contributed to how boring the game has become and if you take a look at his track record, developing young talent isn't his best suit, which is what makes me worry even more about our prized youngsters.....

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