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10-19-2009, 11:56 PM
Everyone! PANIC!
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Originally Posted by BigT2002 View Post
The season is a rebuilding year....yet you want to implode everything like the Isles did? Ya, that is REAL good for a team to compete even next year. Do you plan on fielding all prospects and pray we draft well next year or what? Just like your firesale thread in the Trade/Rumors/Proposals area. Trading Burns? Sure at this point I would mind seeing what offers were actually out there for him as pissed as I am to say that. But trading Koivu, Backstrom, Clutterbuck, Havlat is borderline trolling, even if you are a Wild fan. This team needs a core of players.

Backstrom is a core player? If we do this rebuild right, he could be nearing the end of his contract, playing time by the time we are ready to compete.

We want to compete next year? Why? We have absolutely no prospects and no players in our system. We have no franchise player we can market nor any game changers in the system.

A fire sale might not be bad for this team. We have a few prospects (Sheppard) that are left over from DR's time. If we want to change the mentality of this team, we have to do it right and that means letting players like Sheppard find new teams.

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