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10-20-2009, 02:49 AM
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I think he makes a valid point in that French-Canadian players are under-drafted, but I think he jumps to conclusions by saying it's discrimination. The fact that less players are drafted doesn't necessarily entail only discrimination to me but I bet in the minds of some GMs, players, staff w/e it's definitely present (implicit or explicit).

I think it definitely does expose some holes in common perceptions that get thrown around by sports-writers but it's hard to know if scouting staff and the GM's staff really think these things without interviewing them (and good luck getting a solid, reliable answer from them even if it is true...)

I disagree with him on the idea that Quebec needs a separate team to compete during the World Juniors. I think instead more exposure should be given to Quebec players by having some sort of inter-Canadian championship based on provinces or something would be more interesting and would give better exposure to French-Canadians so that more are considered for national selection.

Seems like a really interesting read though, I'll try and pick it up if it's not too expensive.

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