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Originally Posted by Leaf Lander View Post
I believe that the rusian khl is English for the most part
That and they can't call it the CHL

[QUOTE=Partisan du CH;21687820]I agree with most of this.

The word "discrimination" is probably too strong here. It might have been the case in the 50's or 60's, but I would call it a "bias" instead. It's probably not even something that scouts do consciently.

And this bias is not necessarily against French Canadian players specifically. Maybe it's more against "French Canadian players issued from the QJMHL".

But no matter why, for some reasons, scouts seem to believe that French Canadians players are too soft to play in the big league, even if they get impressive numbers. This is why players like St. Louis, Brière, Perrin, Dupuis, M-A Bergeron and Burrows got undrafted, even if they had good stats, while another small player like Corey Locke has been drafted.
St. Louis, - Small, speedy, but was viewed with limited skill.

Briere - 1st round pick (so the bias is where?) was believed to be a bust.

Perrin - Eric Perrin ? If you mean Perron, well he's doing fine, if you actually mean Eric Perrin, then let me be the first to say that even though Perrin and Locke are the same size, Locke put up far more impressive stats than Perrin did in any level of play.

Pascal Dupuis is a good 4th line player. He's even got some size, more size than Glen Metropolit who had to be signed because he wasn't big enough/ skilled enough to make it. Metro is anglophone as well.

MAB - Had impressive numbers in junior, but in junior, he played in the Q. I'm sure his defensive short comings didn,t just appear in the NHL. On top of that he is small, but I will give you him.

Burrows - He's a feel good story. He wasn't good enough to be drafted, but kept at it and got a contract.

However, Marc Savard, an anglophone went through the same stage as some of those players, and he is more skilled than all of. No bias, but yeah, there's apparently bias towards French Canadians.

And that's also why many talented French Canadian players have been ignored from the World Junior team, because the GMs seem to think that Quebec players are not build for those high intensity games. Over the years, a lot of talented French Canadian players have been ignored (Perron, Vlasic, Brassard, P. Bergeron, Beauchemin, Pominville, Vermette, etc.) The goalers are the exception here, as QJMHL expertise to produce high level goalies has always been recognized.
Beauchemin has never been anything except for a year, or two in Anaheim with Chris Pronger, or Scott Niedermayer to hold his hand.

Bergeron was on team Canada. Pierre McGuire reminds anyone who watches tsn about him and Crosby and that team Canada team.

Perron, Vlasic, and Brassard I'm not sure why.

Pominville has choosen to play for team USA and I'm willing to bet Vermette wasn't good enough to make the team.

To call it discrimination is exagerated. Is it just the "Alexandre Daigle syndrome"? I think it's more a misconception over what the QJMHL can really produce, maybe based on an old prejudice unconsciently inherited from older generations. That said, I think those prejudices and misconceptions will slowly disappear with time, especially when we'll see a new generation of scouts and GMs take place.
In the Russian challenges, the league that struggles the most is the Q.

From 1983- present day, the Q has won the memorial cup 4 times. Only 4 times, over a 26 year period. The WHL won it 15 times, while the OHL won it 7 times. The Q has 9 runner ups, while the OHL has 13 and the dub 4. Is this showing you that teams in the Q are weak ? Cause it's blatantly obvious to me.

In conclusion, to say that it's "discrimination" is a severe exageration. But to refute the fact that these misconceptions are existing is also blatant ignorance.
I know you're French, judging from your English, your user name and well, location. There's nothing wrong with being proud, or wanting everything to be equal for you and people similar to you, but when you're wrong, you're wrong. Can't you and the writer of these book accept the fact that there's no bias, or discrimination, or anything against Francophone players, but the truth is, Quebec is lacking in it's hockey program.

Quebec players aren't making Team Canada and aren't being drafted more frequently not because anglophones don't want them on the team, it's because they're not good enough.

Having played hockey and living 15 minutes away from the Quebec border and like 30 minutes from Shawville (since you've probably never heard of the little town, it's located in Quebec) I played hockey against them for a bit. Needless to say, they didn't do too well and then one year there were no longer in the league. Either they didn't have enough people (It's a pretty small town), or they stopped playing against teams in Ontario and stuck to a Quebec league there.

I guarantee you, there's no discrimination against Quebecers, it's just the hockey program there is failing, or something.

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