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10-20-2009, 08:06 AM
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"....Sirois instead attempts to demonstrate with stats and numbers that the hockey league's managers don't hold French-Canadian players in as high esteem as their anglophone peers....."

The league's managers also hold German, Italian, French and African hockey players in lower esteem than anglophone ones. Why didn't he write a book on that? I think there are less African hockey players than Quebecois players in the NHL. That is an obvious case of discrimination.

I'm really getting tried of this victim mentality.

Let's do some comparisons with Swedish & Finnish players.

Sweden has a pop of 9 mil. There 37 Swedes in the NHl
Finland has a pop of 5 mil. There are 26 Fins in the NHL.
Quebec has a pop of 8 mil. There are about 60 Quebecois in the NHL.

I think the book has a point. There's is discrimination in the NHL. The Anglo GM's are bending over backwards to sign Francophone players.

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