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10-20-2009, 10:10 AM
Joe Cole
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One interesting point that made me think is the proportion of anglos vs francos that are drafted and play in the NHL from the QMHL. That made me wonder... and then I remmebered my own playing days.

When I was playing competitive hockey, I was the only Anglo on my team. For a shy kid, it was a problem... for me and for the team. The truth is, just as any out numbered person needs to stand out in a crowd of other types of people, I had to stand out to make it. I had to have the force of character to push through the fact that I was more or less a loner. it made me a very good competitor.

It is probably the same for any other anglo in competive hockey in Quebec. All your team mates are French, as are your coaches. You have to try harder. Simply because you have to make up for the fact that sometimes, you just do not get what the others want from you and you have to compensate with effort.

It makes you a better player. Maybe this is why these guys are making it into the NHL at twice the rate of the francos... they need to try harder to make it, and they are better for it. Character is hard to come by.

It is just a hypothesis. But it should sound familiar to us. Francos with that type of character had to give more of themselves then any other to succeed. And when they do, they are recognized.

On a separate note, my nephew and I were talking about this and he said that he believed that the fact that Quebec does not have body checking until bantam cripples the development of players. In the Q, they do not have the years of physical play in their back pocket. They are not developped in the same way.


As for bias, if there is a bias against Francos, why is there not the same bias against goaltenders? To say that it is "different" for goalies, is simply playing both sides of the fence, and picking when your arguement supports your feelings. You cannot have it both ways.

Sometimes the simple answer is the right answer. There is/was a good goaltending tradition in Quebec born out of serious training. Maybe the same cannot be said for skaters, especially Defensemen.

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