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Originally Posted by Akost View Post
This is extremely ridiculous. As a quebecer myself, I'm extremely ashamed of people like Sirois. If you think something is wrong, do something about it, don't write a book about it for personal profit.

The thing Sirois and the people who back him up don't seem to understand is that times have changed. The nationalities in the NHL are much more diversified than 20-30 years ago. There's more Russians, more Swedes, more Finns, more Belarussians, more Czechs, more Slovaks. It's only rational logic to understand that the decrease in the number of french-canadian players is normal. But no, it's discrimination, it's racism, it's unacceptable. ****.

I seriously can't take this anymore. Stop whining, stop trying to prove to everyone that you get treated unfairly, take it like a man and strive. I'm tired of the insecurity and paranoia surrounding this province.
I don't get this part. Before "doing" something about a problem, shouldn't the first step be to verify if there really is a problem or not?
Isn't that what he tried to do with his research: trying to find if there is a problem or not?

You know, getting the facts straight before having an opinion about it...

Actually, I don't get most of the posts here. Yours is a perfect example. No one has read the book. Yet, many condemns him. It seems he makes his case by using data instead of anecdotes or examples.

Before criticizing the guy or arguing against, shouldn't you all at least read about his main arguments, his main findings?
The guy seemed to have done a research from what I understand, not an opinion piece.

This is not the same as criticizing Réjean Tremblay for his biased anecdotes. There is research behind this book. The statistics and the tables he provides have to be examined closely before being so easily dismissed.

For my part, I heard an interview. He seemed to have a few interesting statistics. Some of these needed closer examination before starting to attack or laud him.
Doing one of these before getting the necessary information is pretty close minded imho

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