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Originally Posted by Not The One View Post
You're not helping your point at all.

Where do you think those coaches go their first job?

Lemaire = Montreal
Carbonneau = Montreal
Julien= Montreal
Hartley= Hershey (Nordiques) under J. Martin, promoted to ex-Nordiques by Lacroix
Therrien= Montreal
Vigneault= Montreal
Martin= StL (briefly) hired by GM Ron Caron, hired by Nordiques (Hershey, Ass coach), hired by Ottawa (his neighborhood team)

How does this contradict the argument in any way? Look up all other francophones ex-coaches as well. The only one I can think of that did not get his big break with either the Habs or the Nordiques is Denis Savard with Chicago, and I think we can all see the connection there.

Addition: I just noticed every francophone coach working now is a Jack Adams winner. I guess the bar is set pretty high. Of the other three, Carbo and Therrien were finalists for the Adams and Hartely won the cup.
Stop and think for a sec. Who effing cares where they started? They were still working and they were working for those blockheads the Anglos. If there was discrimination those coaches would never get a second chance once they left Montreal.

But don't let logic stand in the way of your paranoia.

As for the red : Or maybe those damn Englishmen (factious) are not as bigoted as you thought and are willing to reward the deserving Francos.

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