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Originally Posted by onice View Post
I'm starting to lose it with your BS.

Lemaire proved nothing in Montreal. Neither did Vigneault, Julien or Therrien. They became successes once outside Montreal. Once they were hired by the Englishhhhh.

Martin was given his first ass coaching job in St Louis by un maudit anglais (Iron Mike) and still hadn't won anything by the time he moved to Ottawa. Hartley is the exception. He won when his GM was a Francophone in an English speaking city.

You're entitled to your opinion, uninformed as it is, but you are not entitled to your own facts.
When I mean "prove", I just mean proving that you are NHL caliber, not that you are a Jack Adams coach.

Look, this is not against English. I'm sorry you take it personal. I don't. I live in Ottawa. Half of my friends are English speaking. This does not have to be a "us vs. them".

I just say: look at the datas before coming here with your opinion.

I just try to look at the facts. The fact is the overwhelming majority of franco coaches were "revealed" to the rest of the NHL because they were hired by Montreal or Quebec.
It can be easily infered that many of these Jack Adams coaches probably would never have reached the NHL otherwise.

Another data I heard (in the interview) which raised my curiosity on the issue: out of every regular francophone players in the NHL, 40% received individual honors such as trophies for their personnal excellence in a particular aspect of the game (goals, etc.). 40% is way higher than for anglophones.
To me, it looks like in order to become a regular nhl players, francophones have to be better than anglophones.

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