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11-30-2004, 04:53 PM
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Originally Posted by maximil
I watched Pushkarev play on saturday night when the Calgary Hitmen played the Portland Winter Hawks.

He looked really good. He's a great stickhandler, has great speed, and excellent hockey sense. He really did an excellent job using his stickhandling skills to open up passing lanes for his teammates. I was really impressed with his feeling of where everyone was on the ice and where the play was going. He also had several scoring opportunites but they just didn't go in. I was also happy to see that he didn't shy away from physical play. He wasn't knocking people around but he did initiate contact.

I think he could put on some weight without it negatively effecting his quickness. Also there was at least one situation where he held on to the puck too long looking to make a play and the opposition was able to create a turnover.

I'll try to think of a player who he reminds me of but the bottomline is I was really impressed with him.

I also was impressed with Brendan Mikkelson of the Portland Winter Hawks. I didn't go intending to watch him but his steady intelligent play really caught my eye and by the end of the night he was one of my favorite players on either team. Look out for this guy in the future. He looks good!

One more thing: I was amazed to see how accurate many the scouting reports about Pushkarev I've read on this site were. If you can tune out the noise there is some accurate information on this site!
I played with Mikkleson in under 17 team pacific camp and he was just shy of bouwmeisters skating records, other than his skating i do not see what is so great about him.

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