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11-30-2004, 05:44 PM
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Originally Posted by JJ68NYR
I think the best move the Rangers could make is trade Blackburn at the next draft.

I think we'll have the first pick already and will draft Crsoby but i think we could trade Blackburn with maybe a few prospects that arent our best ones maybe 3 C+ type prospects and add in a 1st round pick from a future draft and a 2nd or 3rd, all to get the 2nd pick and draft Brule to add to Crosby.
there is no way we'll have the 1st pick unless there is a partial season and we finish at the bottom and win the lottery (of course even if we finish last we'd probably lose the lottery) the part about having the #1 pick and getting crosby is pure fantasy and dreaming...

second the idea that some team is going to trade the 2nd overall pick and a potential franchise player for a goalie who hasn't played in a year and 1/2 (after being mishandled the 2 years before that) and some mid-level prospects is just plain silly...there aren't enough drugs in the world to convince another gm to make a trade like that...ESPECIALLY when you factor in that most of the teams in contention for that pick already have a good young goalie

a far more realistic possibility would be for us to us the added depth and go friggin nuts with a trade offer for the #1 pick and then add that to our own 1st to have 2 high 1st...but we aren't getting that #1 for blackburn and a few nobodies...the expression 'trading the farm' would apply here

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