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10-21-2009, 12:20 PM
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Originally Posted by vancityluongo View Post
I've done a double-take on numerous occasions when I see Player X (selected in round 7) being introduced as "The Winnipeg Jets are pleased to select XXX XXXX" round 15. It's definitely a minor inconvenience IMO, but I've often been left thinking for a few seconds before I realize: "How the **** did I skip over this guy for 6-7 straight rounds?"
If that's your biggest problem in the draft, then you're laughing. So you did a double-take and got confused for a few seconds. I'm pretty sure you'll recover from your confusion. And Nalyd, I'm pretty sure you'll recover from the two extra spins on the scroll wheel and catch up a mere two seconds after you otherwise would have if the bio wasn't there.

Originally Posted by EagleBelfour View Post
I love when people post bios on the draft threads. At the end my biggest fun in the ATD is to learn about the players, so when someone post a big bio on a player I might be less accustomed to, I'm thrilled.
It is the highlight of the draft for me. Every draft we get another step closer towards collecting all available info on each player.

I take player bios seriously. They are useful from a player pimping standpoint but that's not the main aspect of it. This is my chance to shine as a researcher and present my findings to the group; to make a case for the player. In the ATD the average player bio takes me probably 90 minutes to put together. Some more (see Tommy Phillips last draft), some less (see anyone I have selected in the past and therefore have the info at my fingertips) - Having them all linked up, not just from me, but from the other members who have started doing it, has been slowly turning this ATD section from a drafting and discussion board into a concentrated player information archive.

It's pretty disappointing to read that some people have an expectation of us to post player bios at the time of picking. Yeah, I could use up my whole clock putting together a bio, I guess. I'd be quite the *****, but I could do it that way, I suppose.

Realistically, we all want the draft to move along quickly. And we all have lives. The only way to post comprehensive bios is to make your pick as soon as it's your turn, and then post your bio as soon as your life allows you to. If that's two weeks, so be it. If you don't want to read it, move along. It's there for future reference, whether it is for use in playoff arguments, or for the information of the next person considering picking him next draft.

The best reason to have a bio thread isn't to get them away from anti-player-bio people, it's to consolidate the information and have the bios in a thread that won't one day be locked for editing.

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