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10-21-2009, 01:58 PM
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Originally Posted by D713B View Post
I didn't have much of a problem either to be honest. One kid (17-18ish) laughed when Straka blocked Chara's shot and hurt himself. I asked him if he had the cajones to get in the way of my slap shot let alone Zdeno Chara's and he piped down. I really don't get why someone would laugh at a player getting injured.

Then heading to the "T" after the game the crowd started cheering let's go Sox because it was the night of a playoff game. I clearly didn't cheer with them, so a fan (20ish) asked me why I wasn't. I told him I was a Yankee fan, he asked why and I told him I'm a New Yorker. He then said something along the lines of how being a New Yorker must be awful. I asked him if it was just a coincidence that he was the smallest member of his three person entourage yet had the biggest mouth. His friends laughed at him.

Other than that everyone else was civil and I was able to have hockey discussions with the surrounding fans. There isn't much of a rivalry between the Bruins and Rangers for there to be much vitriol between the fan bases.
Yeah I've never really had any problems. It's kind of a shame that there isn't a bigger rivalry since it was so heated back in the 70s, but the Bruins aren't even on my radar in terms of teams I despise.

Though it was amusing the last time I went, it was the day before the Giants/Packers NFC Championship and I had my Rangers jersey and a Giants scarf and Pats fans kept wishing me good luck. If only they knew

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