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This forward provided speed, consistency and an exemplary work ethic during an NHL career spent entirely with the Chicago Black Hawks, where he was best known as the fleetest member of the potent Scooter Line with Stan Mikita and Ab McDonald.-LOH
He was lightning-quick and masters of timing his move at the opposition blueline so that he seldom caused an offside. Once a Mikita pass found him, his puck control was among the best in the business.-LOH
He was also a tenacious worker who could put in some finesse into the game when needed. Ken also was one of the most accurate shooters in the NHL. He constantly finished among the top ten in shooting accuracy, leading the entire league in 1963-64, scoring on over 20 % of his shots.-Joe Pelletier
With our 13th selection, the Cairo Desert Dogs proudly select..


Awards and Achievements
1 x Stanley Cup (1961)
2 x First Team All-Star (1964, 1967)
1 x Lady Byng Trophy (1961)

Top 20's
Goals- 20th(1963), 2nd (1964), 11th(1965), 14th(1966), 3rd (1967), 17th(1968), 15th(1969)
Assists- 20th(1961), 15th(1964), 11th(1967), 9th(1968), 20th(1969)
Points- 6th(1964), 4th (1967), 9th (1968), 17th(1969)

Top 10 Playoffs
Playoff Goals- 6th(1961)
Playoff Assists- 4th(1961), 8th(1963)
Playoff Points- 7th(1961)

Ken Wharram began his NHL career in 1958-59, after four stellar seasons in the AHL, a career that he would spend entirely in Chicago. With his great speed, work ethic, and accurate shot, he was able to find a great niche on the "Scooter Line" with Stan Mikita.

He would contribute well to Chicago's stanley cup victory in 1961, and from there his success would continue on the "Scooter Line".

Ken Wharram would blend very well on this line, which would terroize oppisition throughout the league in the late 1960's. He would be rewarded with two first team all-star births (both over Gordie Howe!) for his outstanding work on the line.

Wharram was looking better than ever during the 1969 camp when he was attacked by myocarditis, a virus that attacks the muscles of the heart with symptoms similar to a coronary, and was forced to retire, tragically robbing hockey of a few more seasons from this great hockey player.

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