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10-21-2009, 08:00 PM
Mossy Oak
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I was really looking forward to this game. Pop quiz - Who's power went out 20 minutes before the game? Mine. Lovely. Missed most of the first, caught on right at Scotty Walkers fight. Nice tilt. Witt definitely has some size on Walks, good scrap. Love watching Walker fight, just hope he doesn't bust up any knuckles, bones, etc. in the process.

And apparently we've come out pretty flat again aside from a bit of physicality. Not good. One thing I really expected from this team was terrific work ethic mainly based on it being a veteran team with a lot of guys who have simply 'won' in years past. That combined with riding the emotions of last years superb run, I expected a good start. It didn't have to be a stack of wins to date, but I expected a damn hard working group. All we're seeing here is a laid back team of vets (who clearly aren't playing with the thought of they have anything to prove) who have become far to comfortable and complacent. I really had a good feeling about this team and I liked how JR put it together. Overall, this has just been a bit disappointing. I don't mind losing so long as we put in a solid work ethic. I hope we shape up and get in a groove here. This definitely seems to be a team who rides the waves of highs and lows.

Like I said, I didn't see much of the 1st, but from what I have read, heard from the broadcast team and what the box score tells, once again isn't so pretty. 16-6 in the faceoff circle? Ouch.

Let's hope we can shape up for the second. I'll just hope after 20 minutes we've shaken of the rust of a few days off and only having played 2 games in 10 days before heading into this one. No excuses though, these guys have been around the block and shouldn't be stepping foot on the ice not ready to go. That's one knock I didn't think we'd see too often this season.

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