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10-21-2009, 07:48 PM
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The others here have covered it well with the get under it and followthrough business.

I start mine mid blade and by the time I followthrough it lifts up nicely with the toe. It depends on what you are shooting at too ... what kind of shot you are making.

if you are in tight and shooting upward to get under the crossbar it is wrist action and with a followthrough but if you are a little ways out from the goal and want mustard on it with a good hard backhander you would need to start it around the heel and use your wrists and a good strong sweeping followthrough.

I really really worked on mine because it sucked honestly for quite a spell. It took about 3 years before I got a really good one. There are different ways to shoot one so practicing it with a basic one like the guys here described would be best. Once you figure that out try other things a little more fancy.

I make really good strong backhand passes rink wide on the off-wing which is another backhander obviously.

Flick of the wrist with followthrough I guess I would say it is. Curl the wrist downward in the followthrough and it (the puck) will stay on the ice and flip your wrists with an upward curl in the followthrough and it elevates.

Then you have saucer passing on the backhand wihcih is a nice touch when you get the other backhanders learned. I got an assist on a nice saucer backhand the last game we played .... one of those passes that got comments from the other team which made me happy and also made me feel good about how much time I put into shooting backhanders.

As a side note I learned mine by seeing how good Bobby Smith's backhand was. he played for Montreal and Minnesota (Northstars).

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