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Originally Posted by Jiggernaut View Post
And when you're 100% sure he's a bust, he will be worth absolutely nothing. It's not like any team won't realize this at the same point either, meaing you'll get next to nothing in return if anything.

There's a happy medium where your 'great talent' isn't shaping up the way that you hoped, and can use him as an asset to acquire something of value in return.
I understand what you're saying, however, I'd rather take the chance of keeping him and seeing him bust and lose out on a potential trade. We're not talking about a Higgins-type of player. It's someone who can be your team's go-to player. You keep him, it's that simple. Let's say he has 50/50 chance of fulfilling his full potential (or bust), I still wouldn't want to trade him. Do you really want to take the risk of seeing him score 50 goals, and become a Habs killer (John Leclaire for example) for many years to come?

If we can land and sign (long-term) a proven star, then I'll be fine with trading Akost, but it's never gonna happen. Players like Akost always has the risk of not panning out, and other teams know that, so we are not going to get fair value back in return. I'm not okay with just getting something "valuable" in return, such as a borderline 2nd liner or 3rd line defensive player. We want to be a great team, and not an average team. To be great, you need to take risks, and I hope keeping Akost is one of the risks that the Habs are willing to take.

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