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..he was a master at scoring and setting up goals as a result of his spectacular end-to-end rushes...-LOH
The trade paid big dividends for the Avs, who won the 1996 Stanley Cup with himfirmly established as the team's power-play star and scoring defenceman. He was voted to the NHL First All-Star Team in 1997.
Upon his arrival with the Ducks he played a key role helping the club reach the post season and their first Stanley Cup Final.
Bring some offense from the defensive end and do the job on the power play. Move the puck as quickly as possible. If there's an opportunity, join the play.
With our 16th selection, the Cario Desert Dogs proudly select, a great scoring and puck-moving defenceman...


Awards and Achievements
1 x Stanley Cup Champion (1996)
1 x First Team All-Star (1997)

Top 20's
Goals for Defencemen- 2nd(1994), 10th(1995), 11th(1996), 1st(1997), 14th(1998), 5th(2000), 11th(2001), 7th(2002), 10th(2003)
Assists for Defencemen- 19th(1994), 18th(1996), 2nd(1997), 9th(1998), 8th(2000), 19th(2001), 7th(2002), 17th(2003)
Points for Defencemen- 11th(1994), 20th(1995), 14th(1996), 2nd(1997), 6th(1998), 7th(2000), 20th(2001), 5th(2002), 15th(2003)

Playoff Goals- 14th(2000)
Playoff Assists- 12th(1994), 4th(1996), 4th(1997), 20th(1998), 16th(1999)
Playoff Points- 9th(1996), 9th(1997), 19th(1999), 18th(2000)

Playoff Goals for Defencemen- 11th(1995), 1st(1996), 1st(1997), 1st(1999), 1st(2000), 7th(2003)
Playoff Assists for Defencemen- 5th(1994), 1st(1996), 1st(1997), 6th(1998), 7th(1999), 9th(2000), 6th(2003)
Playoff Points for Defencemen- 8th(1994), 1st(1996), 1st(1997), 9th(1998), 4th(1999), 3rd(2000), 6th(2003)

Ozolinsh began his NHL career in 1993 with the San Jose Sharks, and would soon make an impact from the blueline offensively. After a couple of years with the Sharks, Sandis would be traded to Colorodo in 1995, and would be a smashing success there.

He would be a big part of Colorodo's 1996 cup win, providing some great offence from the blueline. The next season, he would be named to the league's 1st all-star team for placing 2nd amongst defenceman in points. After parts of 5 years with Colorodo, Sandis would be traded to the Hurricanes where he played for parts of two seasons before joining the Florida Panthers midway through the 2001-02 season.

He would play a full season in Florida before being aquired midway through 2002-03 by the Anaheim Ducks, where he would again play a key role for a stanley cup final team, but it was not enough as the Ducks were defeated in a hard-fought seven game series with the New Jersey Devils.

Ozolinsh has struggled since then and has not done much, but he still has a tremendous legacy as an offensive blueliner, especially in the playoffs. He currentlys plays in the KHL.

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