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10-23-2009, 08:28 PM
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Originally Posted by DirtyJeeves View Post
I'd say this just falls in with the new "Bob brought up the kids too soon" smear going on.

Nevermind the fact that everyone and their brother was shouting "play the kids," the four guys their using for reference are all players that take time to develop.

Gui and Patches are in the power forward mold. These guys don't dominate overnight.

Price is a goalie. These guys don't dominate overnight.

Sergei is a 7th round pick. These guys don't dominate overnight. Markov didn't crack the lineup until he was 23, but it still took him a couple years of pro seasoning to become the steal that he is.
Patches to me has a better concept and all around game than that of Latendresse. Lats in one dimensional and slow as molasses too, his upside is over blown by the media. He wasn't a lights out scorer in Junior, he was a bench warmer in the WJC and he was a great Pre-Season player his first 2 camps...other than that he has been pretty stale.

Patches will be a solid 2nd line player, with a good two way game I believe. He may have only played in Hamilton for a half season, but it is still half a season more than Lats and his experience in the NCAA helped as well as he as playing against older players there too.

I agree in goalies, they do take time to develop. Just look at Fleury as case A.

In regards to Markov making it at 23, he was a Dman a player that usually even takes longer to develop than a goalie.

For Sergei, Montreal obviously saw he needed time and development still...Sergei didn't see that and it is his problem, not Montreal's for trying to make him better. Carbo himself said last year Sergei is trying to get away with laziness and other things vets may try to do as they can't be sent down because of waiver issues and so on. He is just plain laxy.

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