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12-02-2004, 01:34 AM
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Originally Posted by RiChTeRrOcKs35
i agree but blackburn will not be a part of a draft day deal? why would the rangers trade him? First of all we dont even kno how far blackburn is. Since hes be out for a year and maybe even more, why not test him? I mean nobody can really say for sure whats gonna happen in the future with blackburn.It just cant happen. And what you said "Montoya will wasting away in college if he goes back for a senior season. He's ready for AHL hockey now, forget about in two years." I see that you want to him to go big quickly but another year in college could do the rangers good.

Blackburn will certainly get his shot, but a big part of dealing is not overplaying your hand. There really is no exact science to a trade. If you trade him and he bounces back than you look like an idiot. If you don't trade him and his value plummets, you've now lost a window of opportunity. The answer will only be decided when that time comes.

As for Montoya in college, his success will ultimately be what does the Rangers good. Keeping him in college for a senior year will not prove anything. The object is to develop them, not stagnate them.

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