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10-24-2009, 03:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Newfie John View Post
Certainly hasn't hurt the Leafs or their ratings on TV or internet streams.

Your argument isn't making much sense, you place way too much emphasis on "atmosphere". It might matter in selling tickets (which isn't a problem in TO), but not in telecasts, unless in extreme circumstances.

You also underestimate the atmosphere in Toronto. Like I said, did you hear the loud boos the other night? Or, are you just basing your argument on stereotype?
First of all, ratings for hockey has gone up for every team in Canada. Now, take Manitoba as an example. What makes you think that the majority of the hockey market that watches a leafs game is in fact a leafs fan? Perhaps he's just a hockey fan. Ahh.. give him a Habs game, and he'll watch it just the same. This market appreciates atmosphere, just as much as a quality match-up with superstars. Listening to a crowd that's chanting, or over reacting for every non-call, a crowd thats essentially involved, does increase the excitement level. And that's the type of thing that can make new followers too.

As for the streams, can you tell me where they are coming from? China? Australia? Does not mean that it's coming from Canada.

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