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10-24-2009, 04:30 PM
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Originally Posted by mikeo1 View Post
What exactly do you expect the fans to cheer for on this current Leafs team?

Teams that play poorly for extended periods tend to have quiet crowds. Just look at the Canadiens during the late 90s and early part of this decade.
Well they did boo the Leafs off the ice last game which is a nice thing imo. But a Montreal crowd would have turned on the team way before, perhaps even taunting their own players beyond reason, cheer mockingly for every easy save etc... Lets face it, they can be the most disrespectful obnoxious fans, be it against their own team or with their Ole Ole when there is no score in the 1st. Love it or hate it, it's better entertainment than ____ (silence). Winning or losing has less influence than you make, atmosphere is a cultural thing...

As for the ticket price factor, this I'm sure applies more so in lower bowl - I don't think their are many men in suits watching in the nose bleeds.

BTW, this is not to say that a Montreal crowd is more informed or intelligent, I"m only stating what the hockey world already knows. I am just making a case as to why some ppl may rather watch the Habs in Montreal with all things equal.

Secondly, I'm not going to disagree with you in saying that a winning team can't help, but I will argue that Montreal in the 90's had less of a following than it does today. Not because we're marginally better, if that, but because the sport has become an "in thing" to follow by young people, and going to a game or bar is more of an event than 10 years ago. Not to mention, now, it's the only major sport in town after the expos departure, and after the lock-out, that reality really became clear.

If any of you have proof that the Leafs get better ratings than the Habs I would love to analyze the numbers. Just because they've been the only option, does not make them the default most popular.

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