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Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
We're comparing crowds that sell-out.

Whether the product on the ice is stellar or not does not change the fact that every seat has a bum farting on it.

If the product sucks, than high involvement crowds will react in ways to get the team motivated ( Go Leafs Go) or by showing displeasure and emotion.

Just sitting there like lame ducks is Toronto.
It depends on the situation. If you have a good team that is having a bad night then fans are more likely to get into it and try to get their team back in the game. But in Toronto, as it's been for the last few years, fans know the team isn't good and are less likely to chant things when the team is down 3 or 4 goals or playing like garbage.

Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
YES I am... it's called STAGE, and in any form of entertainment, that is big.

What do most ppl talk about when watching a NFL game vs CFL.

One looks like a professional league with 60 thousand screaming fans, the other is a whistle blowing crowd of 20.

Atmosphere is huge
Outside of Toronto, most CFL games are sold-out or close to it. The stadiums in the CFL aren't as big as the NFL but I don't think people are chosing not to watch a CFL game due to the size of a stadium or because the crowd isn't as loud. It's probably more due to the fact that the NFL is a far better product.

Originally Posted by Squiffy View Post
I am sick to death about hearing about our "quiet" crowd, I gotta say.

CBC wants to losing some rating points, they can go ahead and drop the Leafs, whatever. I'll never miss a game anyhow, and most big fans out of the local viewing area are likely going to have Centre Ice anyhow for all the weekday days, so meh, go for it.
Agreed. Toronto has the largest market and therefore produces the highest ratings. People outside of the GTA who hate the Leafs still watch because they like to see their most hated team lose. I hate the Colts and Cowboys in the NFL but will watch most of their games because I like cheering for the team they are playing against.

Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
First of all, ratings for hockey has gone up for every team in Canada. Now, take Manitoba as an example. What makes you think that the majority of the hockey market that watches a leafs game is in fact a leafs fan? Perhaps he's just a hockey fan. Ahh.. give him a Habs game, and he'll watch it just the same. This market appreciates atmosphere, just as much as a quality match-up with superstars. Listening to a crowd that's chanting, or over reacting for every non-call, a crowd thats essentially involved, does increase the excitement level. And that's the type of thing that can make new followers too.

As for the streams, can you tell me where they are coming from? China? Australia? Does not mean that it's coming from Canada.
Don't you think CBC has done their market research? If more people were going to watch a game featuring Montreal or Ottawa I think CBC would know that and would change which games are avaliable in particular territories. Look, it's not only CBC that chooses to broadcast more national Leaf games - TSN and the NHL Network US feature several and it's for good reason. And don't forget that the NHL Network US as no obligation to syndicate Leaf games on Saturday nights; they can choose any of the 2-3 HNIC games that are on at 7PM.

I think you are really overvaluing the effect the atmosphere has on a television audience. Ratings have more to do who's playing and what the match-up is. Toronto wasn't the national game on several occasions last year because other Canadian teams were playing in marquee match-ups. If they used your argument, then CBC would always chose to have Edmonton or Montreal has their marquee match-up because they have the loudest crowds in Canada, and the NHL Network US would always show Philadelphia and Carolina.

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