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Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
If any of you have proof that the Leafs get better ratings than the Habs I would love to analyze the numbers. Just because they've been the only option, does not make them the default most popular.
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Originally Posted by Squiffy View Post
Well folks, as we all know for the first time since 1996, the Leafs this past Saturday were not on CBC's Hockey Night in Canada.

Long has been the debate of, "How much do the Leafs actually affect the ratings?". Are they in fact the biggest draw, and justified in showing as the national HNIC broadcast lo these many years? Or merely an intolerable bias towards Toronto?

For the first time in well over a decade, we can examine some hard data.

The Leafs, as the national broadcast of HNIC, through the first nine Saturdays of the season, averaged a draw of 1,334,889 for HNIC. I presume this includes viewership for locally broadcast CBC games as well.

That other Canadian original six team, with the market to themselves and a prime match-up, showcasing Washington and young phenom Alexander Ovechkin, drew 942,000, a drop of nearly 30% in viewership.

A similar match-up of the Leafs versus Washington on December 6, 2008, shared with a Montreal - New Jersey match-up, produced a draw of 1,220,000.

I trust that this will do nothing towards stemming the debate of why the Leafs are featured nationally so routinely, but draw your own conclusions based on cold hard numbers.

Viewership numbers from:

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