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10-24-2009, 09:25 PM
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Yeah, 2009, for my Canadiens Ave HAB-E's
My Fulton Street HAB-E's(hardcore for 09)
Dangerous HAB-E's..

Uhh (check it out) uhh
Turtle on my neck, Shaved up-top
Skatin' on the scene, smoking lbs of Leaves
Oooh-wee, you see, the ugliest
Goal-hungriest, MTL Loch Ness
Nine millimeter turtle neck, wan fi' test?
And the winner is..

Y'all HAB-E's know the rules
I blast on HAB-E's so --

-- my stick never bruise
Neutral-Zone-cruise, Chipchura paid his dues
Ask who's real hot, bet they say Halley Berry
Pass to the middle to Cammalleri
All of a sudden, now every-body look silly
Done did it, come widdit, 5-hole get splitted
or get your neck slitted, admit it, Olli did it
Your **** it, dat crowd is LOUD
Tutle neck shine like TA-DOW!
Primetime Pleks the illest and how, plays to raise your eyebrow
By now you figure, he talkin bout Kyle Chipper
but your weak-ass passing lead led to dump-ins
IV to pump-in, you're feeling something
Save my wrister, or I'll bang your sister
Curve's at least 2 inches, above visitor benches
Turn passes to goals, take advantage of 5 holes
When I shoot I scores, add points some mores (HAH)
Missed pass by inches (HOO) your talk is senseless (RRUFF)
Begin needs chiropractor (HAH, HOO) for cracked jaw
Yes I rocked your penalty box (hah)
Dangerous you're not I skates down (HOO)
Twist your body ***singing*} round and round, upside down

Chorus: Cammalleri

C'mon, yo, throw your hands c'mon
Coach grab Kostits c'mon
Let me know you in the spot
I'll make that pass, c'mon
Thugs tote yo' sticks
we bout to get mo' goals, c'mon
Let's blow the rink, c'mon
Light the place up, c'mon
Shoot a nasty pass
and make it swing all around, c'mon
Yo, make this money
throw yo' loot on the ground, c'mon
Hit with your hips, c'mon
Gio lick yo' lips, c'mon
Dangerous HAB-E's
My playa' this be the shift, c'mon
Dangerous HAB-E's
My playa' this be the shift, c'mon

Yours in Christ,

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