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12-02-2004, 01:04 PM
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Bettman doesn't feel the need...

or the pressure to counter. Bettman won't counter until the NHLPA buys off on 'cost certainty'. As a negotiator, he looks week countering to an offer that to him, isn't on the same page as the league. What's he going to do, up his salary cap as a counter to a totally different concept. While I hate Bettman, I believe he's bargaining as best he can to get what he wants - and I believe he intends to wait it out until the NHLPA comes around on the cap idea. If the NHLPA say $50 million cap, Bettman may then feel the need to counter with something. He's holding firm ground, which is what he has to do. It's Bettman's last stand.

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